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Countertop Edge Profiles

After you have selected a stone or quartz for your remodel project, you will need to decide what kind of type of finished edge you may want. An edge profile is the shape that the edge of your granite or quartz countertop. Below are some descriptions and photo examples of edge profiles, corner options and premium selections.

Common Edge Profiles

Standard or Straight Edge: These edges feature a square design and are the most common style of countertop edges. They are best for simple and clean, contemporary countertop designs. This type of edge will easily blend with the kitchen and won’t steal attention from your beautiful granite kitchen top.

Pencil or Eased Edge: This type of granite edge is the most popular. It is not too rounded but it is also not too sharp. This edge is basically a 90-degree square edge that is slightly eased. This type of granite edge adds the thickest look to the granite countertop. It is easy to clean and maintain.

Beveled Edge: Offering a sleek, elegant, and modern look in your kitchen, the beveled edge features a 45-degree angle clipped flat corner. Choose from 1/4 and 1/2 inch bevels. Because of its simple, flat design, beveled granite edge is also easy to clean and maintain.

Premium Edge Profiles

These edges are available by request and often for an additional cost as they require more time and labor in fabrication.

Ogee Edge: This is a classic looking edge with a groove on a bottom that is rounded. Ogee edge can feature a simple, subtle line, or a deeper, more visible and dramatic curve. Just keep in mind that it would steal too much of attention in a smaller kitchen space. Its curves also take more effort to maintain and keep clean.

Bullnose Edge: Choose from Half, Demi or Full bullnose. This classic style features a variety of rounded looks ideal for sophisticated traditional kitchen and bath decors. Pick this edge type if you want your granite countertop to appear thinner and classic. Note, we recommend a half or demi bullnose as a fully rounded edge could cause water or spills to rollback onto your cabinets.

Waterfall Granite Edge: Modern and sophisticated, waterfall edges run your stone from countertop to floor and features clean and sleek look. This edge looks like there is almost no edge at all as it seems like granite flows over the countertop without a stopping point. This unique edge is often used in combination with a straight or standard edge.

Mitered Edge Profiles

Double or Stacked Edge: This edge style is when we adhere a second layer of material on the edge to create a thicker looking stone. This process will require more material and extra labor but offers a beautiful, rich looking finish.

Double Mitered Edge: Also a premium, luxurious effect, a mitered double edge creates a clean look on the double edge with no seams.

Corner and End Edges

Rounded: Commonly used on islands, bar tops and overhang countertops located in high traffic areas, a rounded edge offers a clean look and safety. Highly recommended for households with small children. Rounded corners are best for single and simple edges as mitered edges may require stress cuts to bend the stone.

There are varying degrees of “rounding” from 1/4″ to 2″ are most common.

Square Corner: This corner profile still has a smooth finish but no curves creating a square edge and showcasing more the countertop. As shown at the top of this post. But be careful using this on open ends as they can become “hip hitter” ends.

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