Elizabeth and Steve Carr, Owners

About Us

Carr Cabinets Kitchen & Bath is a family owned and operated small business based in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Believe it or not, we started this company as a way to slow down! Here’s our story:

Meet Steve…

Steve Carr is a South Florida native born and raised in Davie, Florida. He has been in the cabinet industry since 1996 with his first job at 19 years old as an entry level laborer (aka “do boy”). Within just a few months, he was already installing bathrooms and shortly after full kitchens on his own.

By the time he was 25 years old, Steve was running crews across South Florida and became one of the top cabinet installers for commercial and multi-family projects. Some of his favorite projects were the Lighthouse Key Resort and Wyndham Grande Bonnet Creek Resort in Orlando and the SkyHouse Channelside in Tampa. In 2006, Steve was asked to help rebuild communities after Katrina and enlisted crews in Louisiana for over 5 years traveling back and forth from Port St. Lucie.

Several crew members that have been working with Steve still work for him to this day! You may even meet them in person as he often brings a helper on his installations. But a little known fact… Steve has always wanted to change his career from installation to sales…

Steve met Elizabeth

When Steve met Elizabeth, she helped him make that dream come true!

Elizabeth Rizzuto is also a South Florida native from Tamarac, Florida. Elizabeth is a creative art designer with several decades experience in Marketing and Sales. She began as Business Development, Sales Training and Marketing in the automotive industry and then marketing for the Seminole Casino.

In 2011, Elizabeth found a love for the Family Attractions and Entertainment Industry and truly expanded her network becoming a mentor, leader and volunteer on several industry board including the Marketing Advisory Committee for the City of Fort Lauderdale, a committee member for Visit Florida and the statewide Florida Attractions Association.

Her favorite part of her career has been and will always be connecting with the community and using her experience and network to support each other. A business that supports the community, will be supported by the community!


In 2018, Steve met Elizabeth and they fell completely in love! Steve shared his ideas of wanting less travel and more time close to home. With her kids all grown up, Elizabeth was ready for a change from her hometown and looking to challenge herself and career.

Together, they started Carr Cabinets Kitchen & Bath and have truly enjoyed creating amazing new spaces for their clients.

With their individual backgrounds, they can offer a complete solution to the client’s needs. Often homeowners have ideas or a want but just not sure if it will work. Elizabeth happily offers guidance and suggestions for colors, materials and often an entirely new floor plan with 3D designs. Then Steve uses his installation magic to bring it to life!

The Dynamic Duo:  Elizabeth loves that she gets to be creative and experiment with new projects while Steve has a more fulfilling experience interacting with happy customers who appreciate his work.

They both take pride in their work often transforming clients into friends and enjoy the new relationships with community. And they always try to partner with other like minded businesses in the area for any other aspects of the project such as plumbing, electrical, painting, glass, mirrors and more.


So yes, this is actually a way for them to both slow down! Currently, they live locally in south Port St. Lucie with the majority of their kids grown and moved out. Steve’s youngest daughter will often come and assist so don’t be surprised if you see her around!

They travel together on appointments and are always available for texts and calls for ideas and suggestions. Steve still runs crews on the commercial side but their ultimate goal is to open a small warehouse and showroom in town. A space to show off their cabinetry, designs and be a creative space for customers.

And so, there’s our story… We hope you enjoyed it and look forward to the opportunity to meet you. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us!