What are the Different Granite Levels?

granite level countertop

Types of Granite Grades or Levels

Shopping for granite can seem overwhelming but here are some quick tips and facts about choosing your countertop that we at Carr Cabinets can help you. There are many different options such a granite grade or level, granite thickness, material sources and value. Before heading out to a warehouse or random supplier, familiarize yourself with these options so you are best prepared to make an educated purchase.

Granite, no matter the level you choose, is a superior countertop compared to wood formica or tile top alternatives.

Low-Grade Granite – Level 1 is commercial grade or builder’s grade, entry level granite stone. This low-grade granite is cut thinner, usually about 3/8 inch. Builders are using it for pre-fab remodels and building apartments.  Level 1 granite has a very simple design and the colors are standard but offers a lower cost solution for budget shoppers. There are many beautiful stone colors available in Level 1 and it is often the most popular choice for budget shoppers.

Mid Grade Granite – Level 2 is generally imported from Brasil or India. It features a bit more unique colors than Level 1 Granite and 3/4 inch average thickness. Level 2 Granite is preferred among kitchen countertops and still offers affordable pricing for homeowners.

Top Grade Granite – Level 3 + has more than just 3 levels. These often go up to 7 levels with granite countertops of the finest quality, most unique designs, veins, rare colors, and patterns. Highest grade granites are usually cut into 3/4 inch or more average thickness.

Quartz is also a popular option for countertops but they do not have levels like granite. You can learn more about their differences by reading Quartz vs. Granite in our Blog.

Carr Cabinets Kitchen and Bath works with top suppliers in the area to offer you wholesale pricing on any level granite you choose. Plus, our team can assist with precise measurements and template creation of your countertop design for seamless installation. Contact us today for a FREE consultation.